A new attempt at collecting SatAM lovers has risen. FUS - Fans United for SatAM is a place where they will be free to express themselves without the possible torment of Anti-SatAM'ers. I, Sonique, created a site devoted comepletely to SatAM with no SegaSonic, no Sonic Underground a little to no Archie. I know a lot of SatAMers are out there who are afraid to express their opinions because of the amount of SegaSonicers, but FUS is a place where they can all come to hang out. FUS will also be trying hard to revive the SatAM in one way or another, but we need members first. Please fill out the form on the page is interested and be sure to including your email address so I can contact you.

Please check out the page too as it has over 300 SatAM/Archie Fanfics, many o' downloads, and a page dedicated one of, if not the best, Sonic fanmade game ever, Sonic Epoch.

Thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you all soon. :)