Okay, I'm trying to earn all of the emblems in the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2. I have earned almost all of the emblems with the Chao, but I am missing 2. Someone told me that I need to get the last two emblems with special races called the Hero/Dark Races. I already have a hero chao, but I don't have a dark chao, which I am told that I need in order to earn these special races. My problem is that all of the eggs in the gardens that I have earned (the normal one and the hero one) have already hatched and evolved, and I can't get them to become a dark chao. I need a chao egg, but I don't know how to get one! Please Help!
Have two of your evolved chao mate and make the baby Dark, or wait until one of your other chao reincarnates and make it Dark on its next life.

~ Crazy C Lea