Another wave of editorials have set in and this time we got a pretty nice batch! Four as a matter of fact, and THREE of them focusing soley on Sonique's "Why Sonic Is Failing Editorial"! Lets see what we have -

  • Never Judge A Furry By Its Cover - An editorial by Sarah "Samanfur" Rose on the miserably failed Sonic Love Showdown Poll (see Poll Position below) that questioned who would make the better girlfriend Amy Rose or Sally Acorn! Needless to say its a good editorial, but the poll itself started from unabashedly flawed concepts...

  • Why Sonic Is Not Failing (Response) - A rebuttal to Sonique's editorial, Mike C points out a decidedly siimilar, yet different and well noticeable viewpoint.

  • Why Sonic Is Failing 2 - A letter sent to Sonique, by a Mr. Tom Hancock points out some agreements and differences all spread out in a well written fashion. A definite editorial worth reading.

  • Why Sonic Is Failing 3 - The third response/rebuttal aimed at Sonique. This editorial shows that this Sonic fan is in TOTAL aghreement. Plus he has QUITE some choice vocals on Sonic Adventure. A little language - but overall a definite read.

    Check them out and see what you think!

    In other news - today we christen our very own Editorial Board! Due to the popularity of these things, included with the new community mentioned above are several boards where members can post! One such includes the Station Square News And Editorials Board whose link you can find to your right! And what better way to christen it than with April's Editorial Focus!

    This month, our editorial focus for you all rests on two major Sonic Adventure factions - The Games And Comics.

    All things SA AND SA2 - What we would like to know for this month is how do you feel the Sonic Adventure adaptions/integrations have progressed under Karl Bollers' (USA) and Nigel Kitching's (UK) guidance? What do you think of Mr. Bollers' overall SA writing on Archie? For the UK visitors, was Richard Elson's redesigning of Chaos a wise move and What do you think of Nigel Kitching killing Johnny Lightfoot in Fleetway? Have the SA Adaptions had success, failure, or otherwise for both countries?

    For Sonic Adventure 2 - do you think that Archie and Fleetway should tackle these and game wise we'd like to know from you what would you most like to see and NOT SEE in a sequel to the Dreamcast Hit!

    Post your editorials and comments to SHQ's News And Editorial Board on the link to the side! The best comments and all editorials will be up and running on the next update! Remember to follow the rules for submitting which are a minimum of 2 paragraphs! And now - on to the polls... ^_^