Just let out today - in case you've gotten the new EGM then you don't know. Promising that they would have info on a new Sonic game, EGM touts what may be the next title in the Sonic series: Sonic Square! (Known also as Sonic Shuffle). Both names are tentative, but it'll be interesting to see which one stays. Depends on how timely EGM's data was on the game before it went to print, in conjunction with Daily Radar who released the info last week under a different name. :P

As speculated, the newest Sonic game is a Mario Party type game with Sonic and the Crew. I haven't read through much of the article yet (I do have work ^__^), but I will post the info when I get back tonight.

On the cover is Sonic and "Sega Strikes Back". The issue is full of upcoming Sega games also. Supposedly the characters models in SS (Sonic Square) resemble those of Jet Set Radio. Also, it will have netplay