IGN DC latest update is here - and today they've gotten their hands on: Video's of Sonic Adventure 2! The first footage of the game in action !!!

Two videos comprise the update - but read IGN's statement and check them out:

Sonic Adventure 2 Videos - IGN DC

Added by Rlan - Since Dubbs wasn't able to see what the movies looked like, I'm here to tell =)

Unfortunately, No Music done here (possibly from that Sony Cam Corder they used ^_^) but what we see here is something of a Movie trailer. With quick Flashes of Sonic Doing certain things, even Knuckles!

We see Knuckles doing some moves (although he rarely shows up) and Sonic Doing heaps like that "Sonic getting chased by the mother truck" in motion! also Alot of little messages pop up, the first one contains Truth/Lies, Light/Darkness etc splattered on the screen. the second one claims "Master Emerald, Chaos Emerald, Sonic The Hedgehog, Knuckles Echidna, Secret weapon, Dr. Eggman. And So on. Spooky eh?

Anyway, DOWNLOAD THEM NOW! Although I don't know why IGN has to put them in MOV format. I'll take MPEG anyday =)

I've taken MANY screen grabs from the movies, and they can be viewed HERE