Some new info on a Dreamcast peripheral....

The new Dreamcast camera is on the way! I'm scared. Note toself: Catch up on beauty sleep ASAP. The Dreameye may sound like a cheesy 1950's horror flick ("It came from outer space to... err... look at things strangely! And... other stuff! Bad stuff!"), but any savvy gamer knows it just might be the coolest thing since Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon took over Marvel's "The Punisher" (okay, so that's cool to me anyway). It's the Dreamcast peripheral that will eventually allow obscene gestures to be shared among fragging multiplayers and your face to be scanned onto your favorite video game hero's head. And it's coming our way.

Well, technically it's heading to Japan first, as with nearly all peripherals and most games. After numerous delays, Dreameye is scheduled to finally hit store shelves September 14. The complete Dreameye package is expected to contain the camera itself, a new version of the microphone peripheral, and other goodies like special software that allows real-time chat, sending pictures taken with the camera via e-mail, and other cool stuff.

So when can Europe and the United States expect to see the Dreameye? We can't tell you. No dates have been hinted at, and the peripheral has yet to be officially announced for release anywhere outside of Japan. It's a safe bet to say we'll see it eventually, however, as its potential uses could mean a new level of interactivity for console games, and we know Sega is all about pushing the envelope when it comes to the Dreamcast. Keep your eyes on SegaWeb for any and all new developments.

Credit: SegaWeb News