Upon my regular visit to www.dcwarez.com, my jaw dropped as I noticed that all the goodies of information of upcomming released pirated games were, well, gone. The front page was only left with this message:

"Due to legal issues, www.dcwarez.com is suspended until further notice. However, a full statement will be issued regarding the future of this site in several days."

Well slap me silly and call me a raving lunatic on drugs; SEGA has gotten to the second best "DC Scene" site on the web. However, one question pops up to everyones minds;


If anyone who visited www.dcwarez.com would know, they didn't contain any material which would be illegal in SEGA's eyes. No game covers, no illegal Dreamcast boot disk, no links to places to get the ripped games, nothing. All they really had was information on the next upcoming games that were ripped by the groups of DC hackers, and nothing more. Therefore, why is SEGA attempting to shut dcwarez.com down?

I'm not clear on the whole legal issues, but I'm sure what SEGA is doing is wrong. Nevertheless, it's still good to see that they're stomping down and setting the line to people out there who are attempting to release more pirated games online, and saying, "No more." Yet, will this be enough to stop it?

Not a chance. More and more sites pop up at least every week or so about the whole "DC Scene." Rest assured, the piracy of Dreamcast games will go on, but at least SEGA is trying their best to rid of it all.