Some DreamMouse goodness for y'all....

Sega of America has answered the prayers of many a gamer by announcing that it would release a Dreamcast-specific mouse peripheral to go with the keyboard that it has already shipped. One question that baffles us at SegaWeb is: Why did it take so long?

Recently, Sega launched its mouse peripheral in Japan to admittedly mixed reviews. Many who have experienced the mouse have divulged a common complaint: the size. Many felt that the Japanese mouse was, well, mouse-sized. Too small for many, it is reportedly easier to maneuver with two fingers rather than the palm of your hand. Everyone knows that Americans like things big - big cars, big houses, big guns, and big women. Okay, so maybe that's just me... SoA has seemingly fixed this and has a new, revised mouse for its finicky American gamers.

The new mouse is undeniably smooth and easy to control. Admittedly, it is akin to a standard PC mouse, but hey, that's what we are used to. What did you expect it to do, make coffee and iron yo' clothes, foo? It is pretty basic and contains features that we have come to accept as standard including, but not limited to, the left and right buttons. The coolest feature that Sega was smart enough not to lose is the scroller dial. Undoubtedly one of the most innovative features that has ever graced a mousepad is present on your DC mouse. Also on the mouse is a button on the left side where your thumb rests that could serve a variety of purposes while browsing or gaming.

All in all, it may be nothing to write home about, but it certainly puts a jolt in our shorts. After all, what fun is web surfing with your DC/keyboard combo without a mouse? Fret no longer, Dreamcast faithful. This will soon be in your sweaty little palms. Sicko.

Credit: SegaWeb News