Samba De Amigo, Sonic Teams wackiest game yet, featuring that Monkey with a large head and huge smile. Has FINALLY hit Japan Dreamcast, and to celebrate, both IGN and Gamefan have brought out the goods on making everything Samba-happy! Gamefan has listed all the Dreamcast - Exclusive options, a cool Desktop theme (would have been better if they included sound bytes though), The Japanese Advert (mpeg) which is quite humorous, unfortunately not as god as the Famous Chu Chu Rocket one, and that Samba De Amigo WILL be at E3, could it possibly come to America?

On the other side, DCIGN posted their thoughts on the game, a Quictime version of the ad, also that two songs in the game are missing from the Arcade version, because Sony music owns Ricky Martins music,Living La Vida Loca and The Cup of Life are not included, although Sega will try their best to get the songs back in. Also the first of many Downloadable track for the game have been released. Japanese gamers can now download Open your heart - Sonic Adventure as a playable track. they also have a Hardware review of the Samba-only maraca controllers.

GameFan - DC exclusive options!

GameFan - Japanese advert!

GameFan - Samba at E3?? could Samba be coming to America?!

GameFan - Samba Desktop theme!

Samba at IGN

Shake THAT Samba - Maraca Controllers