This was posted by Ken Penders:

Dawn Best to make 1st appearance at the Pittsburgh Comicon This Weekend

Since I wasn't able to make the Pittsburgh Comicon due to my recent move out west, I'm happy to announce that Dawn Best will be attending in my stead. She'll be happy to sign copies of your issues and is available for commissioned art. Here's the rare chance to acquire a piece of original work from a professional at the beginning of her career, so you won't want to miss out on this.

If anyone who sees this posts on other message boards, please be kind enough to spread the word to other Sonic fans about Dawn at Pittsburgh, will you? Thanks.

As for me, the San Diego Comic-Con will be the only convention I'm going to do this year, and schedules permitting next year, I hope to be back at Pittsburgh for 2003.

Source: Ken's Comic Book Stories and Art