Not exactly Sonic news per se, but a heartfelt congratulations to a VERY deserving Sonic fan. :)

Posted yesterday on the Sonic Powerzone Mailing List, well known and respected Sonic fanfiction author and reviewer Dan Drazen made this announcement:

I've mentioned in the past that I've been doing some non-Sonic-related writing, specifically a novel about the boyhood of the prophet Samuel. Well, last April, a couple of book editors from the Review and Herald Publishing Association (the flagship publisher for the Seventh-day Adventist church) were here on campus interviewing people with manuscripts or works-in-progress. I made an appointment to meet with them about my book, which I was still in the process of whipping into shape. They were interested and wanted me to commit to sending them a rough draft by the end of August with a final draft before the end of the year. I readily agreed.

Long story short: the Book Committee met yesterday and Approved it!

Too bad Archie isn't looking for new writers, as the fact that I'm going to be published (though not as a comic book writer) may finally give me the "standing" to even have my work considered by them for the comic. Though you never know, what with Mike Gallagher's having jumped ship. But OTOH it means that I can start applying myself to Sonic fanfic again. I'll keep the lists informed.

BTW, the book itself probably won't be PHYSICALLY published until the Fall of 2001.

Dan Drazen

A hearty congratulations to Mr. Drazen on his endeavor! ^__^ And for those of you asking - YES I do have the Dan Drazen interview, its sitting on my hard drive right now and I swear I've reread it twice, but I've either been too lazy or too swamped with social and school-related things to pull it up. You can slap me with a trout and call me mean names later. ^^ I'll try my DARNDEST to sit still and get it up this weekend. PROMISE. :)