Read the article.... Sega's really pushing the PR standard.

Who says that Hollywood is the only place for big-time premieres? Apparently, Sega didn't get that memo because it has planned a little something something for all its fans that have been shut out of the ECTS in London. Because the game-playing public is excluding from participation in the European Computer Trade Show, Sega has come to the rescue by offering a Hollywood-style premiere for its upcoming roster of titles.

The big-screen Dreamcast premiere will be held at the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square London, and will feature a host of titles scheduled to hit stores by Christmas. The idea is to exploit the Dreamcast as the "world's only Internet-ready games console" as well as bring some attention to the holiday lineup.

Reportedly, the event will hold approximately 800 gamers as they scurry to check out some of the first online DC games that they will be playing in the near future. Among the titles scheduled to appear, the UK's first public showing of Quake III Arena running on a Dreamcast. And if that wasn't enough to wet your panties, the main event will feature a 40-minute screening of breath-taking visuals and gameplay specifics to water your eyes.

To further emphasize the fact that this event is not for the industry suits, Sega has commisioned the likes of Sonic, Ulala, and some of the Soul Calibur faves like Ivy and Mitsurugi to appear and pose for pictures. Now wouldn't that look nice on McDeez's desk?

One thing is for sure, if you can't get into the ECTS and you want to see some of the best interactive games for the next few months, you better hop on the bus and get your hide to the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square. Tickets can be had only if you visit the Sega Dreamcast booth in front of the theater on Friday, September 3, the day of the showing, from 1:30 pm until 5:30 pm. You might as well hang around to get a good seat because the doors open at 6:00 pm for the show that starts only 45 minutes later.

Do you want to be in the know? Do you want to see whay you'll be playing in a few short months? Tickets will go quick, and you already know what that's like.

Credit: SegaWeb News