The Dreamcast finally hit Australian Shores on the 30th of November. But things did not look bright.

With the many delays, you would of thought Ozisoft (the distributor) would have got everything right, but they (once again) stuffed up a Launch of a system down under.

How? well, lets start off by having NO Ozisoft distributed games (all games made by SEGA, Including Sonic Adventure) the first day of launch, but to come the day after. Second, have no official Extra Hand controllers OR VMU's first day, they're STILL waiting for them! (apparently will come out 10th or 15th Dec, but in small numbers) and not have most games that were named Top ten (HotD2, soul Calibur) until the 10th!

And to top it all off, there was NO demo disk first day (they came the day after) and Online capabilities aren't usable (no Net CD) until Early 2000.

'Tis a sad day for "Aussies" everywhere. On the bright side, the T.V Advertisements have just started (5 days after launch), but one looks like the Apocalypse ad in America, just doesn't have any relations to any games. and others based on the games. weird thing was, they were shown in between the Simpsons episode were Bart goes to Australia, which he screwed up the country (a connection to Ozisoft methinks).

Source: DC Australia