I may not be member of the SHQ, but I came across some rather interesting information. So I asked Vec and he helped me pull this off.
The December issue of the British "Dreamcast offical magazine" has some realy interesting info about DC and the newly apeared Neo Geo Pocket. Let's see what they had to "say"...

"DREAMCAST'S LITTLE BUDDY -- handheld fun is waiting in the sidelines with the Neo Geo Pocket

While the VM unit has the honour of acting as memory unit and handheld toy, it looks like Dreamcast might also have another pocket pal before too long.
SNK's Neo Geo Pocket is being heavily touted as the Game Boy Colour alternative this Christmas. With a colour LCD screen and quality joystick it might just prove to ba as popular as the 10 year old Nintendo machine.
For us Dreamcast owners though, this little toy could prove to be a useful complement to your console. We're expecting a link-up cable to be released before the end of the year to conect a Neo Geo Pocket to a DC. The idea is to release compatible versions of each game, so that you can, say, train fighters on one system and use them on the other.
SNK's first game to make use of the link is "King of Fighters R-2", wich will link up with "King of Fighters 1999" on Dreamcast early next year. SNK hopes to broaden this apeal to a number of title next year"

Well that's realy cool if you ask me. Offcourse, there are no plans for Sonic Pocket Adventure to support this feature yet, but you never know. Also DO note that SEGA is promising that the DC will link up with many other machines other then SNK's handheld.

Dreamcast magazine UK website:http://www.dreamcastmag.co.uk