There's no getting rid of me! I've got two q's on SA2:B Here goes! Q1) What is Soap. I'm not talking about the kind you wash with but the company in SA2. Is it a fictional company or real? And what connections does it have with the game? Q2) It could be me, but to me Tails has put on a bit of weight in SA2. Could it be all that time he spent in the cyclone? Now two on AoStH and SatAM. Q3) Is AoStH based on Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine or is Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine based on AoStH? Q4) Is SatAM based on Archie or Archie based on SatAM?
1) It's real. There was a liscensing deal.
2) We don't answer opinion questions.
3) Read the games page for your answer.
4) Read the comics page for your answer.

--True Red