Comics 2002 in Bristol, 1st-2nd of June, many former top STC writers artists and editors in attendance.

Andy Diggle: Editor
Anthony Williams: Artist on, among other things, Sonic for #1
Audrey Wong: Assistant Editor
Carl Flint: Artist, primarily on many covers #1-100, also strip work on Tails and Amy
Dave Windett: First Tails series
Jim Alexander: Writer Sonic & Tekno #151-152
John M Burns: Colourist on just about EVERYTHING at some stage or other
Jon Haward: Artist Shinobi, Eternal Champions signing 1pm Sunday
Kev Hopgood: Colourist 1998 signing 11:30pm Sunday
Lew Stringer: Writer Sonic, Tails, Amy, Marko, etc.
Mike Hadley: Artist Sonic, Tails, etc
Nick Abadzis: Stuff
Nigel Kitching: Writer Sonic, Knuckles, Decap and the rest
Richard Elson: Artist Sonic, Knuckles signing 2:30pm Saturday different than advertised due to World Cup
Richard Rayner: Co-writer Decap, wrote lots of stuff on that including the all time classic "TPC song" in the pumpkins episode; notably the graphic novel he drew, Road to Perdition has been made into a film by Sam Mendes starring Tom Hanks will be released later this year
Steve MacManus: Managing editor from beginning to end, save for a few little gaps
Woodrow Phoenix: Wrote and lettered first Ecco series, drew a few early Sonics
and more (not listed in programme)

Plus other non-STC comic people famous ones like Grant Morrison (Mark Milar's best friend), Phil Winslade (Richard Elson's good friend), Frank Quitely (Millar collaborator), Joe Quesada (head of Marvel America), John Cassaday (Planetary), Jim Valentino (Image), etc

Tickets cost £4 for single day, £6 for weekend.


Note: This is UK-based