I was looking at your character profiles and I noticed you had a lot of profiles on one character, why don't you guys just get rid of all the old ones, (xample: Knuckles has three) and make a new one, wouldn't that save you guys space on ur site??? love ur site!!! Thanx!!!
The profiles are for each different official Sonic universe. There are currently 8 different official ones (Sega, AoStH, SatAM, Archie, Fleetway, OVA, SU, Sonic X) that'll all be profiled eventually. The characters do not have the same histories (or necessarily even the same abilities) in one universe as in another. That is why if you search by name without regard for universe, you'll get more than one profile. This is to make things clearer (particularly for those wanting to learn about a particular universe) as we're not mixing up different universes so there will always be multiple profiles for characters that are in several different universes. --True Red