Sorry about this but I have so many questions to ask you bunch of experts. Some just come to me in my sleep so I have jot them down. This time its about Chao from SA2, not Archie comix. Anyhoo Q1) Is there another way to keep my old Chao on SA2 but go above the limit of 28 Chao (8 in hero garden, 8 in chao garden, 8 in dark garden, and 4 in class)? 2) Simply, can Chao keep the levels from past lives after reincarnating? 3) Finally, my HeroPowerPower Chao (as if it mattered) has been looked after only by Knuckles. He doesn't come on his whistle but will for Sonic. Sonic has never even touched him. I just want him to be a Knuckles fan just like me. What can I do?
1. You can't exceed eight for each garden, but you can make another set of gardens on another memory card, and that way you can easily transfer chao between the two or have those from each face each other in Chao Karate or races.
2. No, but they keep ten percent of their previous stats when they reincarnate, which means they'll start off with additional points.
3. Keep petting and rocking it with Knuckles, and make sure to never hurt it with him.

~ Crazy C Lea