I have three questions about Chao for SSonic Advnture 2(dreamcast version)1.How long does a chao take to evolve? My chao are both very light coloured.2.Do chao have toys from races with them or can you give it to them.3.Can i name my chao on the dreamcast version, because i like my chao to look normal but i cant tell the difference between them?
1) They evolve based on time spent in the gardens; roughly three hours will take them to age one, at which point they evolve for the first time.

2) The toys the chao get from the races are either given directly out to the chao who won the race or they are just depsotited into the garden.

3) Nope, only way to name the chao is to use the VMU.

~Ron Prower & Crazy C Lea