In SA1, I've found every power up on my own except one, Knuckles' power gloves! Since you haven't updated your SA1 page yet, and I seem to be the only one who can't find it, could please tell me where it is?
From the hints I posted on my Knux site:

They're in the jungle, which you can get to after beating Sonic & Chaos 4. Two quick ways to get them:
1) Go down the ladder and keep to the right while walking, when you get to Big's hut, climb straight up the wall, eventually you'll see a ledge, which is where you'll find the gloves, or
2) Instead of going down the ladder, just glide into the wall on the right and then have Knux climb in that direction (once the camera turns it'll be to your left) and eventually you'll run into the ledge.

--True Red