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I have read a lot of junk abot the so-called "PS2" and how Sony is kicking SEGA again. Well IMHO, this time I think that SEGA deserves a chance, because they have now officially take a console where it has not gone before- the ability to surf the web, email, and play online games.

All I can say is.. do not be intimidated with all the sales hype and crap you hear and see about the PS2. Trust me- I had a go at programming the DC and I know something about its insides. That processor is really what they claim....average execution speeds in excess of the latest Pentium processor.

In theory you would need 4 Pentium II chips to equal the performance of the SH-4. But that alone is not what's really great about the machine. What's impressive about it is the video chip....That chip kicks ***....I have yet to find a PC video card that can equal that kind of realism and speed...and anyway the PC is just too crappy to realise the same perfomance ( Windows operating system gets in the way and other factors). Everyone rants and raves about Creative's latest video cards...but then why do I hear these rumors that Creative Labs want to get hold of the DC's video technology under license from SEGA....Hahahahahahahahaha

Big deal...the PS2 can play DVD. The DVD standards have not been finalized yet so maybe you buy a PS2 and 2 years later it cannot play anything other than its game disks- hahahahahahahahaha. But overall the DC is a better machine, it doesn't crash and delivers incredible gameplay. That's why SEGA decided to use their own disk format, killing 2 birds with one stone- curbing piracy with a disk that's almost impossible to copy, and avoiding changing or uncertain standards.

Then there's SEGA promise..for the first time in memory SEGA are delivering on their promise. I have NEVER seen new peripherals come out for a SEGA machine so quicky. I still have a Saturn...It has all these pics of neat add-ons in the manual, none of which I EVER saw released. SEGA are doing so well now they are releasing peripherals that weren't even mentioned in the manual. I firmly believe that the launch of SEGA.NET is what is gonna keep SEGA one step ahead of Sony. Sony got a fright when they heard about SEGA's plans...That IMHO is why we're still waiting for the PS2, they're working overtime to modify the machine to prevent it from being outdated on release!

Then I hear...there's Microsoft's X-BOX...Well if Intel's **** processors and Bill Gates' terrible operating systems are anything to go by..we can expect to see it fail worse than the Saturn ( according to Microsoft..they are going to use an X86 processor in there...which IMHO spells instant failure) Anybody who knows anything about x86 will realize why. LOL- a console that crashes- Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I compared the execution speeds of my DC with my PC running the SAME program....result- DC mops the floor with my piece-of-crap PC's butt. This is just another way for Bill to make more money by planned obsolescence, cuz you can bet your life he'll make the X-BOX in such a way that some part of it will need upgrading often...meaning more $$$ for him and his little pals at Intel. In case you get the impression that I don't like Bill're right...He's a ****ing idiot and devil incarnate. VIVA Linux VIVA! He and Sony are much the same....they want to dominate everything....I'm surprised that Microsoft and Sony didn't team up for the PS2 or whatever.

That's all I had to say. May SEGA prosper greatly, and may they continue bringin us Sonic The Hedgehog


Source: The Sonic Underground Mailing List
Posted with permission by Knux-Manic