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Back when the GST kicked in, the majority of the country groaned a little, but those wandering outside to go pick themselves up a new Dreamcast were all set to pay $50 less than they previously would have. To help a greater range of people enjoy the wonders of Sega's 128-bit console, Ozisoft have slashed the price of the Dreamcast hardware dramatically to a highly affordable $299.

Factoring in currency exchange, the Dreamcast is now cheaper in Australia than any other territory in the world, which is great news for those whose piggy banks haven't been quite fat enough to invest in Sega's powerhouse console. The new price of $299 includes GST.

Sales Director for OziSoft, Danny Gambaro, said, "At $299, Dreamcast is a true mass market consumer product. Our offering at $299 is giving consumers the most sophisticated games console and access to one of the fastest growing entertainment and information resources the world - the Internet."

Stephen O'Leary, Dreamcast's communications manager, said "Dreamcast is the first console to be released with a modem as standard, providing millions of Australians with the ability to access the Internet and Email at a fraction of the price of a home computer. Together with its incredible library of existing and upcoming software titles from SEGA and its many 3rd party developers, the Dreamcast has firmly established itself as the next-generation entertainment and Internet (TV) set top box."

The announcement is official as of today, but the price drop will not be effective till Thursday 24th of August.

So, finally the good ol' Ozisoft get their tuckus in gear (since the Australian DC has been porr since the launch) but riddle me this, if this is to happen to us Australians, what about the rest of the world? Could this mean Captain Pricedrop is ready to bombard the US and UK in hope to out wit the black doorstop with only 2 controller ports? We Shall see :P