Missing an integral Sonic music CD? Ineterested in the Sonic Anime? What about the ORIGINAL Sonic Anime OVA series in japanese? ^_^

CD Japan has added the Sonic Anime OVA's Volumes 1 and 2 in thier original no holds barred raw japanese to thier databases! No more problem of title/serial references or japanese language. You just have to make a search for "Sonic" with all matches... And you will find a

  • -Sonic the Hedgehog Vol.1 "Animation"...39.67 USD
  • -Sonic the Hedgehog Vol.2 "Animation"...39.67 USD
  • + about 15 $ of Shipping/handling

    You simply have to check the basket and Register as Customer...Special thanks to Solly N Hedgy of Dream Avenue for finding this gem! :O) Also on sale for those interested are certain gems like "Best Of Dreams Come True" from the group that helped to make part of the soundtrack of "Nights Into Dreams", (Correct me if I'm wrong), The Sonic Adventure Remix CD, Best Songs From Sonic Team, The Sonic Adventure Vocal Album, and The SA Soundtrack! have fun shopping!

    Soource: Sonic Newsgroup