HELP! I really don't understand the Archie universe... plz help by answering these questions! 1) why is/was Knux green (and if he still is, is this a permanent thing?)??? 2) what of Knux's bro/sis?? ie. are they born yet and if so who is he/she? 3) i missed this so- is his bro/sis fathered by the same echidna? thx loads, Bubs xxx
1) Options. Read the previous Q&A answers as this has been answered a few times or wait until the Archie profiles get a major update after Sonic #125 (to put it in perspective #122 comes out this month).
2) No, Lara-Le (his mom) hasn't given birth yet--gender isn't known.
3) No. Lara-Le remarried after she divorced Locke (Knux father). This child belongs to Lara-Le & Wynmacher.

--True Red