I know it's probably not my place to post here, but since we're all Sonic fans, and don't exactly take kindly to the PS2 too much, I've decided to plea for help here. If any of the editors deem this fit to delete, they are welcome too.

I am developing an Anti-PS2 site. This site, while having a biased name, will not say biased words. It will only speak the truth of what plauges the PS2. The site is being created to inform the people of how Sony is trying to con their way in using the PS2.

But, such a site is without proper hosting. Or proper staff. I hope to have the site up and running by Thursday, to counter-act the PS2 launch party. If I cannot find a host, I will seek hosting at good ol' GO Network.

I ask of you all, does anyone reading this have a fast, reliable server, with either PHP or CGI (both?) support, willing to add an Anti-PS2 site? Wether it's Emulation Zone, SegaSonic.net, SegaZone, Gamefan, whatever, does anyone have any space to offer?

Also, as I mentioned, I need a staff. While I don't want to start taking applications yet, I'm going to anyways. And, while I do know a small bit of CGI and PHP, it'd be real nice to have someone who knew that. If you think you're qualified to either write articles, moderate a forum, or code me some CGI/PHP programs (news updater script most likely, but that would be about it I guess, except for something that automatically posted articles, too), give me an email at Blazehgehg@aol.com. All article writers must have excellent grammar and spelling, and must be good at writing long, factual based articles.

Thank you for your time.