Heh, now this is an editorial that's of the opposite end of the "Sonic must marry Sally" fans. Tim strongly believe that Sonic and Sally don't have anything to do with one another.

Hmm. Well, let’s think. Some of you have decided in your hearts that Sega is the enemy. Why, might us SegaSonic fans ask? Because Sega holds the leash on Archie’s neck, keeping them from doing certain "things" that Sega fans don’t want. Sega hardly gives a rat about what Archie comic fans want. You see, Sega wants to keep their costumers happy, and are not really that concerned about what Comic buyers want. Okay, now lets see. Sega wont let Archie have Sonic expressing his emotions with Sally anymore, because he’s their mascot. Now, about the flash forward in the "In you face special", you see, Sega may not have fully understood what Archie had in mind. They just see an Insectivore and a Rodent wearing shiny hats. What harm could it bring? A lot more then they thought. Now, Endgame.

Sally goes into a coma (assumed dead) and Sega liked it that way, because Sally would be put out of the way, and Sonic wouldn’t have a Rodent drooling over him.

But, the (Archie) fans, who thought Sally should be Sonic’s gal, demanded that she stayed. The even put up about a dozen "Save our Sally" websites. Now, the Archie fans were peeved off about Sally’s assumed death, and then in the end, she revived, and they killed Dr. Eggman instead. Now, the Archie fans are more then happy, but they don’t care about the Doc’s death. Now, let’s think about this.

Sega wanted to kill Archie’s character, but the Archie fans complained and got their way. But Archie wanted to kill Sega’s character, and they did.

And now the Sega fans complain and don’t get their way. And now, Eggman’s coming back as a computer, and is not the same as was before. (Oh well, he wasn’t much like the Sega Eggman anyway, with his robot arm and all.)

Okay, now you see my point of view. Now back to In your Face. Okay, now, what started as a small "joke" has become a phenominum. Now, let’s say you had this little masterpiece of a character, and he just so happened to make you famous.

Then, some geek named Ben Hurst comes and sabotages his story, gives him a dumb girlfriend, and cuts out his "real" friends. How would you feel? That’s just what happened to Yuji Naka, with Sonic. You’d hate to think about it, but it’s Archie and DiC who are the saboteurs. Now, Spaz, probably one of the only good artist at Archie, just so happened to draw a poster for a SatAM fan, and it depicted Sonic and Sally getting married. Now, I was already mad when I saw this pic, but seeing such a crummy looking pic from Spaz, that stank. Also, I didn’t like what he did to Amy’s image in that pic. He made her be crying out of pure jelousness. Now, also, about Amy. Despite popular claim, she’s not too young for Sonic. She is 14, and Sonic’s 16. Now if Bunnie’s 14, and is not too young for the 18 year old Antoine, I don’t see how Amy could be too young for Sonic. But Sonic’s not much of a flirt, so he’s not quit ready to settle down with a girl yet. But in SatAM he’s a stuck up, immature brat, and is always drooling over Sal’s shoulder. He is really a strong willed, mature leader. Now, Sonic is also too young to get married to anyone. In the U.S., it is extremely rare for a 18 year old to marry. Now, the average person marries at 22 or so. Have I put you to sleep yet?

Okay I’ll go. Good-bye.