Okay, since i'm a huge Knux fan and i am living in Britain, i was reading through the galleries you have- but i can barely make sense of the stories (not only because they are in bits...). 1) are all of these stories official and do they apply to all Knux universes (as i'd like to create my own spoof)? 2) what's the deal with Julie-Su anyway? (I really don't like her as she wants Knux...then again who can blame her?) 3) as i am an aspiring artist- when drawing female echidnas, do they all have to have those wierd fringe bits? (Tikal has none!) Thanx its a big help! ^_^
1) Official, yes. Do they apply to anything other than Archie, no.
2) Read her profile.
3) You do what you want with your own art.

--True Red