1.Is Sonic CD a Sonic Team game? 2.In the version of sonic & tails story, robotnik gas them after getting a chaos emerald from the casinopolis.In Knuckles story, After Knuckles when into the past and got sent back to present by tikal sprit light, he saw sonic & tails asleep. When he said "Hmm. I wonder what does guys are doing?" Why did he left them there and went on searchin g for the shattering master emerald? 3.Is tikal the ancestor of Knuckles in Sonic Adventure? 4.How many time did knuckles got trick so far? 5.Did Knuckles ever knew that tikal and chaos was inside the Master Emerald that he be guarding in Sonic the hedgehog 3, Sonic & knuckles, and the biggest game of all Sonic Adventure? 6.In knuckles story version, How did the Master Emerald breaks that set tikal and chaos free? 7.The Master Emerald First appeared in sonic & knuckles. Right? 8.What happen to all the people in station square when chaos flood the city? 9.Does Knuckles life past generation to generation? 10.Was station square still damage in SA2?
1) Yes.
2) He felt waking them up wasn't as important as his mission.
3) Yes.
4) Twice.
5) Not until the end of the game where all is explained.
6) Dr. Eggman set Chaos free. The Master Emerald shattered from Chaos' release.
7) Yes.
8) They managed to survive and rebuild.
9) Yes.
10) See answer 8.

~ SA Tails