A Super Sonic Destiny was going to be a really cool movie made by some Sonic fans, but the idea was canned when they had staff problems but it's back!! Yes, they are going to continue it BUT in Comic format! It's still really cool though. Here's what the owner said:

Well, its been a long time hasn't it. I know everyone is dying to know what happened to assd and Techenosama. I have good news and bad. The good is we are still working on a sonic cartoon but the bad is it's not assd. Yeah I know that really sucks but hey," what do you want from me"? I only had a handful of good help and in the end I was the only animator so I gave in. A movie is a huge project and for you to even think one guy can handle such a feat you have a lot to learn my friend. Anyway ASSD may become a comic book adaption and I am releasing the script on the fun page. It is a really good script and once you start reading it you will not be able to stop.

And they have a new series bassed around SatAM which shows Sonic years later! Here's again the owner of the website:

Well, ASSD was not completed cause of the length of the project and lack of help. Well, I now have a new and better staff *(Nick Manic the big bulk of it ^_^)* and we are trying something I think many of you fans may enjoy. I have to say this is going to be a really interesting project cause Sonic Next will be a continuation of the sat am but the difference is it will not continue from were the series left off. Archie pretty much covered that so why should we waste our time redoing what archie has done? Besides as Vic Rodriguez said," it's time for something new and more challenging to comprehend for the sonic audience". I mean we are all ready for a more mature and evolved sonic right? (Well, not sonic mabey but a storyline and characters none the less). We are also ready for a new villain I think as Vic stated as well. That is were Sonic NExt comes into play.

That's all for now but I'll keep you posted. You can read more at Prism Shade Productions.