I decided to take a quick look at some early Sonic fangames made in Dreams. If you don't know what Dreams is, it's by the creators of LittleBigPlanet, and is essentially a tool that allows you to create games, art, music, movies and has almost no limitations unlike LittleBigPlanet. Dreams allows users to create their own physics as well assets, all with easy-to-use creation tools. Basically if you can dream it, you can make it!  I can see this opening up opportunties to make fangames for people who don't have the knowhow of making their own engines or modding existing engines.

The game hasn't fully launched yet and has been in early access less than a month so I was surprised so much content has been made with Sonic in it. I decided to capture a bit of footage from various projects. Not all of them are polished and some have a number of bugs but what they were able to accomplish in less than a month is quite impressive. Who knows what we'll have several years from now. Read on further for a look at all of the levels.

  1. In the first stage we have Sunny Valley. A fairly simple collectathon platformer with Sonic. Your goal is to collect all of the emeralds in the level.
  2. Next is Amazing Breeze which is level two in this series. This is similar in style but has different elements.
  3. Stormy Hill is after which is a rainy Green Hill Zone, watch out! There's a killer shark in this level.
  4. Then you have a haunted carnival level where at the end you are chased by a huge fireball.
  5. Next is a very well done replica of the Chao Garden. The chao don't move but with some more work it could be fully functional with eating and swimming, etc!
  6. After that it's Silver's Forest which stars, you guessed it, Silver! You have to traverse the level by platforming from object to object. It's simple but a good core concept that could be turned into several levels.
  7. Second to last you have a crude but whacky mini level where you control Chaos 0, with his partner Metal Sonic following him. I'd love a more fleshed out game with Chaos as the main character!
  8. Lastly there's an interesting Green Hill that has boost mechanics near the end. It's glitchy but with time it could really become a great foundation for a full game.

So I'm looking forward to giving my own attempt at creating a Sonic level/game in this. Hopefully we get some real gurus making more stuff as it eventually exits early access and launches.