I talked to Mr. Penders in AiM, and I was able to get some spoilers about K:20YL out of him. :)

I'll bet the lot of you are wondering since the Sonic: In Your Face Special: "What are Sonic's and Sally's kids' names?!" Well wonder no further, cuz here's what Ken has to say about their names. It may (or may not?) be a shock to most of you:

We decided to go with Sonia and Manic, as I recall. I'll have to recheck the script.

I was pretty surprised, as I didn't expect this (wouldn't you be? :P). I asked why Ken named them after Sonia and Manic from SU and he said:

Since we weren't planning to incorporate any of the SU continuity in our series, we thought we'd at least acknowledge it by using those names.

Interesting, ne? Other questions I asked from Ken are about Lara-su's knuckles, and Sonic's kids ages (Kinda personal questions, but I thought I'd share them with everyone :)

When I asked Mr. Penders if Lara-su will have knuckles like her father or not:

Lara-Su's knuckles don't show all the time, only when she wants them to.

The only guardian who can retract her claws like a cat. Bizzare! And Sonia and Manic's ages:

As for Sonic and Sally's kids, probably around 13 or so.

Yes, they are about Lara's age, at least. I'll bet you're asking me "How can they be teenagers when we saw them as little kids from Sonic In Your Face to SSS#11?" Ken says:

As for the other kids, this is a different story, which takes place after any other that has ever shown them before.

Cool. Well that's all for now, peepz! :)