Please answer these questions I’ve sent them before but for some reason I have to send it again in order for them to be answered…Please Answer 1. How did the whole Sonic gang survive the ordinary ending in sonic advance (where they fall from space) while Shadow died in SA2? 2. Are they coming out with a second "Sonic Mega Collection" with the remainder of the "good" Sonic classics? I really liked CD a lot so I wanted to know. 3. Will the games in the Mega Collection be exactly the same (No SA special-moves, etc.) as before? 4. Right after Sky Rail with Shadow in SA2B, in the cutscene following, I saw Big the Cat behind the stone door. How do I see him again? Are there other places where Big shows up? 5. Is the Metal Sonic found in S&K an up-grade of the Metal Sonic in CD? 6. Will Teddy Tails and the Knux Robo from Sonic R make another appearance? 7. Was "Sonic the Hedgehog the Movie" made by Sega? 8. What are all the evolutions of a chao in SA2B and how do I get them?
1. Plot hole.
2. That would be great, but probably not.
2. Yes.
4. Big appears in some of SA2B's cutscenes if you tap A as they're playing. However, it (apparently) seems that you have to select the specific scene to see him, rather than just play through Story mode.
5. No, it's an upgrade of the one found in Sonic 2. Scans of Japanese sources (the official Sonic Jam guide) have revealed that both are called "Mechanical Sonic."
6. That would be great, but probably not.
7. Sonic Team was involved, but I'm not sure to how much of an extent.
8. There are 78 total. Experiment with different animals/drives before the chao evolves its first time, and after it goes into its first mating season.

~ Vector and Crazy C Lea