Hello all.

Lately we have had two attacks on this newsboard by a person using the public poster to basically mar the names of myself and Zifei. Once when I was away getting my wisdom tooth taken care of and once yesterday. We have an idea of who it is, but basically this person is just a no life BS troll and we have effectively handled the situation.

As a second note, I'd like to say that we knew the risks of putting a public posting CGI on our newsboard and thankfully no has ever abused it but this one person. We put the Public news CGI up so that Sonic fans in general can come in and feel free to add an update or two if they had things of interest to the Sonic community. Sort of a bulletin announcer of sorts since we can't keep up with EVERY happening in Sonic fandom. Since this is a one person doing, we will not do this, but if it ever gets to the point where people abuse this benefit, we will take it down. Remember - we put it up for you all to use to your advantage.

And lastly to the cowardly immature troll who is doing this. I fully invite you to post again. Try it since you think we (Sonic HQ and Sonic Next) are stupid enough not to know who you are. You'll be in for a very nice surprise if you wanna risk it in the future. And that is that.

If you find any posts here on the board that look out of the ordinary, please report them on the Mobius Forum or send email to me or Vector immediately.

Sorry about this brief interlude, but it was something I needed to get straight about the news page in general. Now - for those that don't act nasty (99% of you) I'd like to say thank you. Its people like you that make doing this page worthwhile. Lets get on with the real news - shall we?