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Sonic HQ from long ago
SHQ v2.0 Forever Ago

Here lie the retired aspects of Sonic HQ. You may recall of such sections like the Encyclopedia, Question and Answer and the old news feed. They live on in this corner of the site but as a shadow of their former self, with no more updates to them. The information contained may still be pertinent (save for the Q&A) so they are searchable through the search box to the left. The sections below are also reformed to fit the new layout of the site.

Old/Retired Sections


Older Game Index

Fan Art

Encyclopedia (597 Records)


Question and Answers where people could submit questions and the staff would do their best to answer. Silly or stupid questions were met with Dr Fexusfan replies.

Magazine Scans

Magazine scans by Rlan from SFGHQ (unless otherwise noted)


Pictures of toys, cards, stickers, and much more. This page might be slow loading depending on your connection speed.

Sonic Screensaver

90 images from The Sonic Screensaver featuring Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Eggman, and others. This page may be slow loading depending on your connection speed.

Other Notables