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Nintendo reveals Sonic amiibo for Smash Bros.

by Rabid Rodent

Nintendo unveiled a new wave of amiibo figurines for Super Smash Bros., including Sonic and ten other characters. Like the rest of the Smash amiibos, Sonic here is based on his official character portrait from the game:

If ya didn't know, amiibos are used in Smash Bros as personalized computer characters. You can customize their movesets and attributes, pitting them against other players or amiibos, levelling them up in the process. Sorta like a virtual pet? But without having to actually take care of them and stuff.

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Happy 20th Birthday Sonic & Knuckles!

by Rabid Rodent

Sonic & Knuckles was released internationally 20 years ago today, concluding the story set forth by Sonic 3 and bringing much joy and happiness to people all over the world. Can you believe it's been that long since lock-on technology completely revolutionized gaming as we knew it?

Archie teases new crossover Worlds Unite

by Lighthead



Almost to no surprise, a sequel is in the works to the 12 part series Worlds Collide from 2013. We'll get it next year and Paul Kaminski is saying it will even more epic. More epic than worlds shattering? We'll have to wait and see. More details to follow at NYCC.

Will it halt the main series? or will it be its own series? Hopefully we'll have the answers soon.

Source: Polygon

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Big Upcoming Update!

by Lighthead

We don't want you to think this place is being completely abandoned. The next update will serve as a pivot point for the site. Most people come here for Sonic comic related news and information. According to Google Analytics, more than 2/3rd of all site traffic is comic related. It's time for this site to focus on that more directly. Don't worry, older content isn't going anywhere.

Stay tuned!

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Sonic Boom coming to Archie

by Lighthead

Sonic Boom #1That didn't take long.

Archie recently dropped hints of this and now it's confirmed. A new comic book series "Sonic Boom" will make its way to fans starting in October. Ian Flynn and Evan Stanley will craft each issue which will also be stand alone in nature like the cartoon. We'll have a Sonic Boom comic category shortly.

This was posted on the Archie Comics website:

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Sonic 2 Game Gear Press Prototype acquired by Sonic Retro

by GT Koopa

Now here is exiting news! Over at Sonic Retro they have aquired the rom Sega used to give to magazines to advertise the game, however just by the video you can see things aren't exactly final! Weird loops and different art abound, including those crazy trees!  Compare this demo to say the long lost Sonic 1 Genesis demo that people like to fake. However, this one is indeed real and ready to be dumped to the internet. What will we find? Also earlier versions of Sonic Labyrinth and Tails Adventure are on their way as well. 

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