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Sonic/Mega Man: Worlds Unite Vol 3: Allied Forces

Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man team up with heroes from across the SEGA and Capcom universes to battle the monstrous Sigma and stop his relentless assault across multiple universes! Featuring the worlds of STREET FIGHTER, GOLDEN AXE, MONSTER HUNTER, NIGHTS INTO DREAMS and many more! It’s the dream team mash-up of iconic gaming heroes and villains you always hoped for in this frantic, bombastic finale!

Sonic: Mega Drive - Overdrive

SONIC kicks things into “OVERDRIVE”! The Classic Sonic sensation comes to its startling finale! Dr. Eggman has managed to gather up all seven of the Ancient Gears which will super-charge his latest creation — the Mega Drive! Now Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose are in a race against time to gather the Chaos Emeralds and stop Dr. Eggman before the vicious device launches! Featuring cover art by rising star Tyson Hesse!

Sonic The Hedgehog - Volume 5: Champions

It’s a Sonic battle in a championship of fighters! Shady media mogul Breezie has gotten her hands on a Chaos Emerald Sonic needs to save the world. The only way he can get it is to fight in her televised battle royale against friends and foes alike! SONIC THE HEDGEHOG VOL. 5: CHAMPIONS collects SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #268-271.

Sonic Universe #95

It’s SONIC’s SUPER TEAM, the "FREEDOM FIGHTERS": They’ve been Sonic’s closest friends in the comics for years! Now it’s their time to shine! Antoine takes the stage, traveling to his homeland to find some closure to his past. But he and Sonic find a new foe in the empty halls of Castle D’Coolette, and the beginning of a mystical new adventure! Featuring cover art by jammin’ Jamal Peppers and a “Team Blast” variant by Lamar Wells!

Sonic The Hedgehog #291

SONIC and Tails head for ADVENTURE in “Genesis of a Hero” Part Four: Our celebration of the Blue Blur’s 25th anniversary comes to a close with a look back to the most titanic turning point of the Classic Era! Sonic and Tails have been diverted, trapped and attacked all across Angel Island by the mysterious native called “Knuckles!” Now, deep in the heart of the island, they confront Dr. Eggman’s latest minion in an all-out brawl! Featuring cover art by Sonic comics veteran Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante plus a “Sonic VS. Knuckles” variant by long-time Sonic comic colorist, Matt Herms!

Sonic Universe #96

BUNNIE gets ready for a NEW VENTURE in “Freedom Fighters” Part Two! Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — and in this case, evil too! Bunnie is summoned to Blaze’s world in a desperate attempt to repel the invasion of a new, sinister force! Featuring cover art by jammin’ Jamal Peppers and a “Freedom Fighters Forever” variant by the excellent Evan Stanley!

Sonic The Hedgehog #292

EVERYTHING CHANGES when SONIC and friends go down their "Branching Paths": The Shattered World Crisis is behind us, and the 25th Anniversary was well celebrated! So what’s next for Sonic and his friends? That’s up to them to decide! Sonic is racing around Westside Island on a mission—but for whom? And while Sonic’s away, each of his friends make decisions that will plot the course of their lives. Don’t miss out on the beginning of a whole new era of Sonic stories! Featuring cover art by Sonic comics veteran Tracy Yardley and a “Epic Movie Poster” variant by T. Rex!

Sonic The Hedgehog #293

Sonic and Honey are on the set of the latest, greatest(?) super hero show — Sonic Man Heroes! But when Dr. Eggman crashes the scene, ranting and raving about creative differences, things get very interesting! Featuring cover art by comics extraordinaire Tracy Yardley and a “Arcade” variant by Sonic comics legend Patrick Spaziante!

Sonic Universe #97

"Freedom Fighters" Part Three: Amy Rose and Cream join Sally Acorn as they seek the components needed to repair Nicole’s systems, but during their quest an old adversary reemerges! Featuring cover art by Jamal Peppers and a "Sonic and the Freedom Fighters variant" by Tyson Hesse!

Sonic The Hedgehog #294

"Memories": Sonic reminisces with his buddies Mighty and Ray, but Sonic and Mighty disagree on how they met. Can their friendship survive their egos’ revisions? Then in “Baking Bad,” Bunnie and Antoine put their competitive cooking skills to the test! Featuring cover art by Tyson Hesse and a “Kooky Kitchen variant" by Jennifer Hernandez!

Free Comic Book Day

SONIC is BACK for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! Turn back time and witness the "Genesis of a Hero" as Sonic enters his first climactic show-down with the evil Dr. Eggman! When the mad doctor takes over South Island, there's only one hedgehog who can set things right! Jump right into the excitement, action and fun in this retro romp celebrating 25 years of Sonic!



by Sonique the even happier Hedgehog
That's right! The real deal! Artie of talked to someone at DiC who said they will be release 4 episodes, 2 on 2 VHSs and on DVD. Now before you think "what if it's the same one's they all ready released?" the mistriss Artie talked to confirmed the possibility that there will be more episodes released IF SALES DO GOOD! So buy for goodness sake! Buy to your hearts content, for the sake of SatAM. I have a feeling myself that the episodes wil be the first 4 of the series.
And if yo so desire, go take this poll at Artail's site. We're all curious to see how it comes out.

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Vote for Sonic HQ!

by NeoSeifer
This is just a little reminder to everyone to vote for Sonic HQ for the 3rd Annual Sonic Emmys over at TSSZ. Sonic HQ is up for Emmys in the catagories of Best Sonic Message Board, Best Page Design, Best Sonic News Site, as well as Best Sonic Site Of 2001. So go on, head over to TSSZ and show your appreciation for Sonic HQ and vote for us!

Source: TSSZ

SatAM to be released on DVD!! FOR REAL!

by Sonique the Happy HAPPY Hedgehog
Okay first let me say, if this guy is lying, I swear to God I will track him down and personally break his neck. Ronald Mears sent me an email telling me he wrote a letter to DiC and got this reply:

Dear (email withheld by Sonique):

We will be releasing episodes from the 1993 ABC series in February 2K2 on VHS and DVD. We will be releasing 2 episodes on VHS and 4 episodes on DVD (all 4 that are on the VHS) We will not be releasing all 26 episodes at once but there is a possibility that we will release more episodes in 2002. I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for your continuing interest in Sonic the Hedgehog.


Angela Rodgers, Marketing Director, DiC Entertainment"

Hopefully no one out there is that heartless to make this up, and if he is, may he die of a horrible disease worse than anthrax and be sent to Afganastan and used as target practice. FYR I AM trying to get confirmation from DiC.

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Sonic 1 Autographed by Yuji Naka on Ebay...Again...

by Ocky
My copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 1 for the Sega Master System autographed by Yuji Naka himself is once again up for auction at Ebay. After the last auction, the winning bidder retracted his bid after the auction ended, so I'm trying again, and this time, if you place a bid, please INTEND TO BUY IT. You can get to the auction at: This auction ends Nov. 4, so go check it out!

Other-M - Trick or Treat?

by Ian Potto
The Other-M site has gone under an odd change, stating that Halloween will feature either some goodies, or nothing at all. Is it a shamless suspense-promoting trick? Or will the readers get a treat? The answer lies on the 31st.

SegaNet to receive flat rate

by True Red
This info comes from Gamespot:

Sega has announced that it plans to implement a flat rate for consumers interested in playing networked games over the company's SegaNet online service. As of November 1, the company will charge $9.95 a month for unlimited access to Sega's online multiplayer games, as well as features such as instant messaging, profile pages, and organized online tournaments. Starting November 1, existing SegaNet customers will have to pay to access the service. The flat rate covers every online Sega game other than the original Phantasy Star Online, which the company said would still be available for free because it runs on its own servers.

As announced earlier, the SegaNet service will be rolled out across all upcoming and current platforms, including the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2, and the Nintendo GameCube for online games. It will continue to support Dreamcast games. The SegaNet ISP service, which was originally introduced alongside the launch of the network, was discontinued in July.

Source: Gamespot

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sega game pack

by the original hedgehog
I found a sega game pack, I'm not sure if its old news, but there was a series of classic sega video games *including Sonic Spinball. stef___

More Original Archie Art on Ebay

by True Red
Ken Penders is selling a few different pieces of original art and one script on Ebay. You can get the original art to the 5-page story "Beat The Clock" published in Sonic #11, the Princess Sally Sega Data File in Sonic #101, and/or the Julie-Su Sega Data File in Sonic #102. The bidding on the Sally piece ends on October 28 at 10:37pm Eastern Time (7:57pm Pacific), while the Julie-Su one ends at 10:57pm Eastern Time (7:57pm Pacific) on the same day. The bidding on the story ends on October 29 at 11:18pm Eastern Time (8:18pm Pacific).

Source: Ken's Comic Book Stories and Art

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