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Sonic Forces - Moment of Truth

Chapter 1 titled “Moment of Truth” features Sonic Forces’ Custom Hero Character and the Chaotix as they prepare for battle against Dr. Eggman’s sinister robot army.

Sonic Forces - Stress Test

In Chapter 2, "Stress Test", Knuckles and Silver are confronted by a dangerous old foe.

Sonic Forces - Looming Shadow

In chapter 3, "Looming Shadow", Team Dark’s mission does not go as planned.

Sonic Forces - Rise of Infinite

In chapter 4, "Rise of Infinite", Eggman discovers a mysterious red gem with even more mysterious powers.

Sonic The Hedgehog #1


Sonic The Hedgehog #2


Sonic The Hedgehog #3


Sonic The Hedgehog #4


Rare UK Sonic novel up for grabs...

Hello, I'm trying to get rid of a rare UK Sonic novel entitled 'Sonic The Hedgehog And The Silicon Warriors'. This is mega rare and something you won't find on ebay everyday, so why is it going here, I want a die hard Sonic fan to have it.

Dawn Best to be at the Pittsburgh Comicon This Weekend

This was posted by Ken Penders:

Dawn Best to make 1st appearance at the Pittsburgh Comicon This Weekend

Since I wasn't able to make the Pittsburgh Comicon due to my recent move out west, I'm happy to announce that Dawn Best will be attending in my stead. She'll be happy to sign copies of your issues and is available for commissioned art. Here's the rare chance to acquire a piece of original work from a professional at the beginning of her career, so you won't want to miss out on this.

If anyone who sees this posts on other message boards, please be kind enough to spread the word to other Sonic fans about Dawn at Pittsburgh, will you? Thanks.

As for me, the San Diego Comic-Con will be the only convention I'm going to do this year, and schedules permitting next year, I hope to be back at Pittsburgh for 2003.

Source: Ken's Comic Book Stories and Art

Sega Wireless Games for North America

This news comes from Gamespot:

A new Sega offshoot company will start producing wireless content. has announced the launch of a new company called Sega Mobile, which will be responsible for bringing Sega games to cellular phones and PDAs in North America. Sega has already created a wide range of games for these devices in Japan.

"Staying true to our history of innovation in the gaming industry, continues to push the boundaries and expand the video game market into new territories with the launch of the Sega Mobile division," said Ryoichi Shiratsuchi, CEO of and general manager of Sega Mobile Japan. "Bringing great Sega content to wireless platforms is another step toward's goal of bringing networked gaming to all devices and thereby extending the pastime to mainstream audiences across the world."

The first wireless game scheduled for release in North America will be Monkey Ball in the summer. It will be followed by Pengo, Flicky, Puyo Puyo, and Monaco GP.

By Giancarlo Varanini

Source: Gamespot

Issue 3 of Sea3on released

A while back issue 3 of the Sea3on Comic by the FUS Team was postponed indeffinatly. Just like Sonic Xtreme, only unlike Sonic Xtreme, it's recently been finished.

If you don't know, this comic focuses on completing the unfinished SatAM series and follows Ben Hurst's plans, who was the main writer of SatAM.

Go here to download issue 3 and others if you've missed them.

Rockman EXE Anime Episodes!

Well I finally had enough guts to post some news...Ready for a shock? Well Rockman EXE has become an Anime show in Japan. People can get the episodes of the from mIRC Relay Chat. A program that allows you to chat with people...The log in server is and the channel is #Animehaven...I have already downloaded the first 6 episodes. These episodes are fansubed, but in EXCELLENT quality, and easy to understand the words. Only some people know about this news on the net, so I thought I should spread the word...

Sega and Nike Settle

This bit of an update comes from Gamespot:

The two companies resolve the legal battle over Sega's NBA 2K2 ad campaign.

In February, Nike filed a lawsuit against Sega because of the company's TV ad for NBA 2K2, which closely resembled Nike's "Frozen Moment" ad campaign. This past week, Nike and Sega agreed to a settlement in which Sega must pay for Nike's legal fees and donate $50,000 in Nike's name to the Boys & Girls Clubs of both Portland, Oregon, and Memphis, Tennessee. In addition, Sega and the Leagas Delaney advertising agency must issue an official statement of apology to Nike.

"We filed the lawsuit to serve notice that we will defend our copyrights and are pleased with how the matter has been settled." said Jim Carter, Nike general counsel, USA. Mariano Diaz, director of the Nike Foundation and Nike's liaison with the Boys & Girls Clubs added, "We are pleased that the settlement will help Boys & Girls Clubs programs, which support positive youth development."

By Giancarlo Varanini

Source: Gamespot

SatAM DVD Coming To UK

I emailed DIC a few days ago and I just got this email back.

Thank you for your inquiry regarding Sonic the Hedgehog.

My name is Sherrie Ward-Guerrero and I work in the Home Video department at DIC. I am currently working on getting Sonic released on DVD in the UK and hope to have it available for purchase very soon. I'll do my best to keep you posted on the details when they become available.

Best regards,


Sega Answers Some GameCube Questions

The following is from XenGamers:

While Sega announced plans to release the GameCube version of Phantasy Star Online at their recent GameJam event, players were left with several unanswered questions. In an effort to rectify the situation, Sega released a statement today outlining their plans. Specifically, the trial version of Phantasy Star Online for the GameCube won't be broadband compatible. According to Sega, this is due to Nintendo's decision to release the GameCube broadband adapter separately this summer. While the finished version of Phantasy Star Online is expected to be broadband compatible, it's unknown whether the broadband adapter will be released simultaneously with the game in Japan. More important, online play will be free for the trial version, though possible server fees for the finished version remain undisclosed.

In terms of hardware availability, the GameCube modem and keyboard will be available for purchase separately in Japan. While individual pricing hasn't been announced, Sega plans to offer bundles including the aforementioned peripherals and Phantasy Star Online.

Source: XenGamers

Virtua Fighter 4 Tops PS2 Charts

Yu Susuki has done it again:

SAN FRANCISCO - (April 2, 2002) - SEGA® of America today announced that its critically acclaimed fighting game, "Virtua Fighter(tm) 4" for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, was the #1 selling title on the platform during its first week of sales according to independent retail data from NPD TRSTS (week ending 3/23). With lightning-fast gameplay action, breathtaking graphics and all new modes and features, "Virtua Fighter 4," was recently named the "Best Fighting Game Ever Made," by gaming enthusiast publication Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine.

Created by legendary video game developer, Yu Suzuki, "Virtua Fighter 4" is the next generation in SEGA's blockbuster "Virtua Fighter(tm)" series. Including a new fighting engine built for speed and arcade-perfect graphics, "Virtua Fighter 4" adds an all new Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) "Training Mode," which allows players to coach their own computer-controlled character and challenge it to a match against their friends. Packed with new features, the game also includes ultra-high polygon character models, totally customizable fighting styles and new characters Lei Fei and Vanessa Lewis.

"'Virtua Fighter' is one of SEGA's top franchises and bringing it to PlayStation 2 was a monumental occasion for us," said Peter Moore, president and COO, SEGA of America. "With our incredible development talent bringing both our established franchises and new content to all platforms, SEGA is already a heavyweight publisher in the industry." "Virtua Fighter 4" for PlayStation 2 is rated "T" for Teen, and is available now at retailers nationwide for $49.95.

Jacky Chang,

No surprises here...

Source: SwirlVision