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Sonic Advance Box Art

by Vector
The Sonic Advance box art (Japanese version) ha been released! It features some new character art, in the SA style.

Source: Sonic Online

Dreamcast Manufacturing Gears Up Again

by Lighthead
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With a new price drop and an unexpected surge in demand in Japan, Dreamcast production has resumed, although for a very limited run. CRI, a Sega subsidiary, will produce 2000 black Dreamcast units, which can be preordered starting next week. The final units will ship to customers in February or March 2002. Sega abandoned costly Dreamcast production due to the financial drain the modest-selling console was inflicting on the company. Sega has since returned to its core expertise of game development.

No plans have been announced for the North American market where Dreamcast consoles are available for $50.

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NAoStH: The Comic

by Toni the Mink
NAoStH (short for New Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) the fan-made cartoon series is now becoming a fan made comic book. All episodes will be turned into comics as soon as we find enough artists who would like to help

Check out The NAoStH Homepage for more information.

Source: NAoStH

Sonic the Hedgehog #107 Spoilers

by True Red

Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders, art by Ron Lim, Pam Eklund, Andrew Pepoy, Dawn Best and Penders, cover by Spaz.

"Crouching Hedgehog, Hidden Dragon Part Two." Things are heating up as Sonic continues defending the Hidden City of the Ancients from the dragon that besieged it in the last issue. Meanwhile, the rest of the Freedom Fighters do their best to keep damage to a minimum - both to the building and the citizenry, whose alliance the Freedom Fighters are counting on. It's not easy - someone or something is intent on keeping them from accomplishing their mission. Who could it be? "Reunification Part Two." It's the moment Knuckles fans have been waiting for: the embattled hero has finally restored his family and friends back to their home of the Floating Island - but with the Dark Legion now part of the equation, can confrontation be far behind?

32 pages, $1.99, ships on Feb. 8.

Source: Comics Continuum

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Tails is 9!

by Sonique Hedgehog
Happy birthday to our furry little two tailed friend who turns 9 today (Nov 24th, anniversary of Sonic 2's day).

FUS Sea3on Coimc Issue 2

by Sonique Hedgehog
The second issue of Fans United for SatAM's Season 3 comic is done and uploaded. It's available in high, medium, and low quality. The layout is much improved I think, and so far, I've recieved much positive feedback.

High quality 3,884 KB
Medium quality 1,203 KB
Low quality 649 KB

Thanks to all who participated and helped out. Stay on the lookout for issue 3, probably sometime in January. Oh and as if me typing this:
95 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes, 56 seconds
till SatAM DVDs!

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Sonic Returns To Home Video and For The first Time DVD

by Sonic and Friends will return to Home Video and for the first time On DVD. Two VHS Volumns called Sonic Racer and Super Sonic will debut on February 26th. These two Volumns will be include on Sonic's first DVD also coming out February 26th. For furhter details go to

A Big Balloon Filled With Hot Air To Match His Large Ego

by Nz17
Not only is he the fastest thing alive, but now he may also be the lightest! Dancing off your Dreamcast and jumping into the sky, Sonic the Hedgehog is ready to set the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade afire.

Joining the ranks of such noticeables as Snoopy and Garfield, Sonic joins newcomer Jimmy Newtron high above New York to bring in this year's Thanksgiving. Be sure to catch the parade in-person or on television as Sonic celebrates his tenth anniversary in style!

Source: AllRPG

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Bleem is dead!

by NeoSeifer
It seems thatt well known PC and Dreamcast emulator maker Bleem! has gone under. Anither just as noticable thing is the picture on the main page, which features a gravestone and Sonic standing next to it crying. This is probably to signify the death of their DC emulators, but I'll follow up if I find anything else out.

Source: Bleem!


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