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Sega Instant Messenger for PC Released

by KnuxSonic
Sega has released their newest creation: The Sega Instant Messenger! It's free to everyone with a, SegaNet, or account (no, you don't have to pay the $10 monthly fee, according to their website)

Here's what the site said

"The Sega Instant Messenger (IM) is a PC application that offers real-time chat between members worldwide. It's a lot like other IM programs out there, but with one big difference -- it's strictly for Sega fans. Best of all, it's free to all SegaNet Subscribers and registered members of!"

Source: Mobotropolis

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TeamArtail SatAM Petition Demise

by Ronic Warihog
I was just at the TeamArtail site and went into the petition board and got this message. "The Petition has been removed due to abuse. Besides, there are SatAM episodes being released on VHS & DVD on 2/26/2002 so the sales of those will do the talking if we want the rest of the series to be released. Sorry that immature people had to ruin this petition, but at least one goal has been achieved, whether due to the petition or not, I don't know, but there isn't a need for it anymore. Thanks to all who supported it." So it does seem that the petition is now off the net.

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sonic mars

by 123
thre is a game calld sonic mars for 32x for reals it is not sega mars

Sonic Adventure - New beta media

by big_smile
New! Never seen before footage of the Beta version of Sonic Adventure, now available to download!
New! Concept art of Sonic's Dreamcast incarnation available to view. is a new site dedicated to the beta version of Sonic Adventure. You can download a video that contains previously unseen* footage from the Beta version of Sonic Adventure, including a different version of the Ice Cap stage and a missing Amy stage! There is also a picture that is believed to be concept art of Sonic's Dreamcast incarnation.

(*outside of the UK)

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Ooh... Sega Gets a Burn....

by Bumper
Sega has gotten a burn in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. Read the following from Swirlvision to get the goods.

In the newest issue of the pop-culture mag, Entertainment Weekly, EW staffers highlighted the 100 top holiday gift ideas. Among the videogame systems and games making the cut were the Game Boy Advanced (45th place), Dance Dance Revolution (47th place), retro videogame packages (69th place), and the unholy trio, the PS2, X-Box, and Gamecube (34th place). The Sega Dreamcast unforunately made the "What Not to Give" list, which probably means EW staffers are too cool for graphics of near-PS2 caliber and a library of nearly twice as many games (at this point) for what soon will be 1/6th the price... whatever.

Joining the DC on the WNTG list (You didn't hear? EW says abbreviating stuff is in! If you don't abbreviate, you suck!) are Furbies, Cathy coffee mugs (Because there's no more Cathy comics! Get it?!? Those EW staffers SO have their fingers on the pulse of society!), Nad's hair removing gel, and the Ab Roller. That would be a pretty damn bad group to be a part of, if the HHG list didn't include Castaway Wilson volleyballs, lamps from Friends, silverware from Dawson's Creek, and the #1 ranked item, the George Foreman grill. Thanks but no thanks, EW... I'd rather sit on my inflatable furniture and water my Chia Pet, which both also made the WNTG list.

In other EW news, Britney Spears is cool, Buffy rules, and anything that hasn't been seen on TRL, or Will and Grace is lame.

Give me a break... well, fans probably won't care too much, if at all, anyway. Still, I felt this was worth noting.

Spurce: SwirlVision

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Peter Moore Releases Public Apology Regarding U.S. Shenmue 2 Cancellation for the Dreamcast

by Bumper
Peter Moore has made an official public apology to Sega fans over the cancellation of the Dreamcast Version of Shenmue 2 in the U.S. Said cancellation has angered many Sega fans, which may have prompted the following statement from Mr. Moore:

"To our Sega fans,

"First, I want to thank the legion of loyal Sega fans for their unwavering enthusiasm and support over the past years - your dedication has truly been invaluable. As you all undoubtedly know, this year Sega is transitioning from a hardware manufacturer into a platform-agnostic third party publisher. During this change, Sega has had to make some very difficult business decisions, including the cancellation of Shenmue II for Dreamcast in the U.S. market.

"I realize that this announcement is a difficult one for many people to swallow, and I sincerely apologize. While I cannot detail all of the reasons that led up to this decision, I can tell you that it was made with the long-term interests of Sega fans in mind. No matter how difficult it seems, I want you to understand that any difficult choices that are made during this transition time are based on one bottom line: ensuring the longevity of beloved Sega franchises, including Shenmue. Sega is working hard to make the necessary decisions to drive our business forward while at the same time continuing to support our loyal fans.

"Although the company may be changing -- we are still Sega. Although the ride has sometimes been rocky, our promise to our fans is this: We will continue to push the boundaries of gaming with new content and technology. We will continue to deliver new and innovative games. We will continue to put out the games that no one else can. We will continue to be Sega and bring you only the best that gaming has to offer. Bear with us - the ride is going to get a lot smoother..."

Well... let's see how public reaction is....

Source: FGN Online

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New Sonic 2 Hacking Notes Available

by Bumper
This information comes from Damian Grove, regarding Sonic 2 Hacking Notes:

I figured that this is a fairly big importance for the Sonic community and figured it probably would be good to address it in the Sonic HQ news section.

I have released my 'unreleased' Sonic 2 hacking notes to the public. I have held on these for a long time now (some over 2 years), but have decided to let the public eye see them. There are 21 text files all zipped up, filled with piles of information (47.2KB total -- uncompressed). These were planned for quite some time to be put on one of my sites --Sonic 2 Hacking Guide, but never got around to it. So finally, I decided to release them as is for those people who wanted them ASAP. You can download the notes from

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