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This forum will close by October 31. I'll announce a specific date in time but it will likely be late October.

The new forum will be located at

Sonic HQ will also undergo extensive changes for October as well. Again, when these changes are close to ready, a date will be announced.

Old Mobius Forum (Yuku)

Main Forum

The main forum. Just about anything is on topic here. Discuss Sonic related trends or what you had for dinner last night. Just be aware that some may not care what you had for dinner.
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Forum to close/major site redesign underway
by Fearless Echidna at Sep 22, 2017

Customer Service

If you have a question about anything regarding about the site or the forum, this is the place to ask.
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Sonic HQ Bug Reporting
by Lighthead at Apr 21, 2014


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