Upcoming Sonic Adventure Online Contests From Sega!

by WB

The Dreamcast has brought a lot of new experiences to the console community, one of those being a stable gaming network. Saturn and even Genesis attempted to link gamers on the internet, but our beloved 128-bit box has been the most successful incarnation yet. Some of the new additions to the on-line family from Sega happens to be the "Sonic World Rankings" contest, the Sonic 2K competition, and special downloadable add-ons for special occasions like the Halloween "Tremble Park" from a few days ago.

Charles Bellfield, director of marketing communications at SOA has this to say about our hedgehogs foray into the Net, "Sega's plan is to continue to phase in online gameplay elements, giving consumers new experiences never seen before o

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Breaking News - Nigel Kitching Is Back! Fleetway Comics Gets A New Editor!

by WB

Once upon a time, the Fleetway comics were the best thing on the market the UK had Sonic wise as far as comics go. But it slowly became more and more depressing, sinking into an endless rut of reprints, one new story per issue, and sinking into a directional rut. Then came the corker as Nigel Kitching, one of the best writers for STC left the comic. Well now it can finally be told as Mr. Kitching made the announcement yesterday that he is back as writer on Fleetway's Sonic The Comic! This is from what was stated: "I'm back on Sonic The Comic. I start with issue 175 and have had a synopsis for a ten issue run approved by the new editor Andy Diggle. My ten issue run will incorporate characters and ideas from the new game." First of all its

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The Sega Dreamstation ???

by WB

From the "completely out of left field department":

Now available in stores is the DreamStation, a cool little Playstation -> Dreamcast joystick adaptor which enables you to use your Playstation Dual Shock controllers on the Dreamcast, all the Dreamcast force feedback vibration functions are supported. Almost too cool considering that from what I've heard - theres a lot of supposed force feedback on Sonic Adventure. ^_^

Source: Sega X

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SonicNEXT Grand Opening!

by Vector

A new Sonic site has opened on the net - a collaboration of Zifei Wu, founder of Sonic HQ, current members Vector, Tristan (also the webmaster of The Super Sonic Zone), and Fishboy (also the webmaster of Sonic Sages), former HQer Knux Lee, and Neo Green Hill Zone founder and webmaster Green Gibbon! Also on the staff are Mattew McClain and Matt Smith. Our slogan is "Are You Game?"

SonicNEXT - Are You Game?

Poll Position #4

by WB

Well its time for our latest poll reviews! First of all let me take the time to thank everyone that responded to our email survey asking what the wanted to see in Sonic HQ. The number one response - LOADING TIMES. Its a hassle, an annoyance, and overall its not very nice. ^_^ Vector and I had a talk about things and over the next two months we'll be going page by page correcting erros, fixing links, and working on lagging load times to make HQ more effecient for you - the viewer. Also duly noted - updates are now most definetly every weekend (as you've been seeing by my front page input) and I'll be working more at having more of my notes on the front page during the week to keep the message from getting stale. :) Thanks for your input

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The News from Last Week

by WB

Last week we had LOTS of news - two new Sonic editorials, fan games, more on the Sonic toys, the Sonic 2K Download, Sonic Pocket Adventure for the NGPC, the Game Gear going belly up, Ken Penders on the comics lineup, the Sonic SatAM Petition and much much more. Click The October News Archive to read last week's news.


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