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The Games Of Sonic Team - Sonic Adventure And Chu Chu Rocket

by Cuisinart King

A more lighthearted editorial - Sonic Team, perhaps the backbone of Sega Enterprises, are always full of surprises. First, they will create a game that will definitely boost Sega's sales, and then they will create another game which will cast doubts into the hearts of people. Two such examples, as Cuisinart king shows us, are Sonic Adventure and Chu Chu Rocket!

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Opinions On Archie

by Tariq Bhatti

So what does the regular joe think about current Archie situations? Submitted by Kamal Bhatti, comes a simple editorial that gives his honest opinion on recent happenings in the comics, what he thinks it needs and what he wants to see. Give it a peek and tell us in two or three paragraphs what you want and whether you agree with him.

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The Rotor Rumor

by Trevor "Bumper" Lake

So just what do fans think of the rumor of Rotors departure and impending robotization? Not all are peachy keen on it as Archie fan Trevor Lake shows us...

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Sega Ozisoft DC Delay

by Knux Of Australia

A sonic fan from down under takes a look at the impending doom Sega Ozisoft strikes on the Dreamcast with its rampant delays...

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