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WAAH! A very, VERY SHORT editorial

by Holli the Genet

I enjoyed the Love Arc in Knuckles, but why oh why couldn't someone else could have been artist!?!? The first time to see deep emotion among Knuckles and The Chaotix, and we get this. To put it in one word: WHY?

Manny where are you??! Just shoot me now!

We watched him fight and cry, but we get this treatment for love? ERR!

GROWL! I'm sure Chris is a great artist, but WHY? I shouldn't say anything...I don't have a say, it's so very insignificant...right?

Especially when it come to being a fan. I better be careful. Someone might kill for criticizing mediocre art.

This editorial is short. Why? There is nothing more to say! SIGH.


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