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An opinion about this Sonic and Sally thing

by Tim Berntsen

Hmm. Well, let’s think. Some of you have decided in your hearts that Sega is the enemy. Why, might us SegaSonic fans ask? Because Sega holds the leash on Archie’s neck, keeping them from doing certain "things" that Sega fans don’t want. Sega hardly gives a rat about what Archie comic fans want. You see, Sega wants to keep their costumers happy, and are not really that concerned about what Comic buyers want. Okay, now lets see. Sega wont let Archie have Sonic expressing his emotions with Sally anymore, because he’s their mascot. Now, about the flash forward in the "In you face special", you see, Sega may not have fully understood what Archie had in mind. They just see an Insectivore and a Rodent wearing shiny hats. What harm could it bring? A lot more then they thought. Now, Endgame.

Sally goes into a coma (assumed dead) and Sega liked it that way, because Sally would be put out of the way, and Sonic wouldn’t have a Rodent drooling over him.

But, the (Archie) fans, who thought Sally should be Sonic’s gal, demanded that she stayed. The even put up about a dozen "Save our Sally" websites. Now, the Archie fans were peeved off about Sally’s assumed death, and then in the end, she revived, and they killed Dr. Eggman instead. Now, the Archie fans are more then happy, but they don’t care about the Doc’s death. Now, let’s think about this.

Sega wanted to kill Archie’s character, but the Archie fans complained and got their way. But Archie wanted to kill Sega’s character, and they did.

And now the Sega fans complain and don’t get their way. And now, Eggman’s coming back as a computer, and is not the same as was before. (Oh well, he wasn’t much like the Sega Eggman anyway, with his robot arm and all.)

Okay, now you see my point of view. Now back to In your Face. Okay, now, what started as a small "joke" has become a phenominum. Now, let’s say you had this little masterpiece of a character, and he just so happened to make you famous.

Then, some geek named Ben Hurst comes and sabotages his story, gives him a dumb girlfriend, and cuts out his "real" friends. How would you feel? That’s just what happened to Yuji Naka, with Sonic. You’d hate to think about it, but it’s Archie and DiC who are the saboteurs. Now, Spaz, probably one of the only good artist at Archie, just so happened to draw a poster for a SatAM fan, and it depicted Sonic and Sally getting married. Now, I was already mad when I saw this pic, but seeing such a crummy looking pic from Spaz, that stank. Also, I didn’t like what he did to Amy’s image in that pic. He made her be crying out of pure jelousness. Now, also, about Amy. Despite popular claim, she’s not too young for Sonic. She is 14, and Sonic’s 16. Now if Bunnie’s 14, and is not too young for the 18 year old Antoine, I don’t see how Amy could be too young for Sonic. But Sonic’s not much of a flirt, so he’s not quit ready to settle down with a girl yet. But in SatAM he’s a stuck up, immature brat, and is always drooling over Sal’s shoulder. He is really a strong willed, mature leader. Now, Sonic is also too young to get married to anyone. In the U.S., it is extremely rare for a 18 year old to marry. Now, the average person marries at 22 or so. Have I put you to sleep yet?

Okay I’ll go. Good-bye.

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Holli the Genet (Jul 29, 1999)

Before I start off, I'd like to say that in my editorial, "The Real Bad Guys", despite what you think, I was not saying Sega was the enemy. It was merely a figure of speech, so I could express what I meant about Sega holding Sonic back in the comic. Sega did create Sonic right, so how could I hate them? Also I enjoyed Tim's editorial very much. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. He had some very good points. Besides, we all know that Sonic was a video game character in the first place, not a cartoon or comic book character. Think about that.

Now I would like to point out, that I truly believe Archie IS trying to make the comic book more like the games now (Besides the fact Sega is breathing down their neck, which I now don't think is so bad. He is their trademark, right?). But there is no reason why non-game characters can not play important roles. Sally is very mature and has been there for Sonic.

According to the comic, they both care for each other dearly. Sonic is different in the comic than the cartoon, and I think he is more mature in the comic. Since we have our very handsome hedgehog here, of course he'd have admirers. For instance, Sonic is Tails role model and idol. What do you think the girlfriends of singers and superstars go through? They have to put up with drooling female fans. Now, I don't think that Amy is a drooling female fan, but I do think Amy is a huge admirer. And just like those girlfriends of superstars, Sally has people who don't like her for what she's got; Sonic! I know Amy is more mature in the new game, but Sally always has been. And if Amy is mature, she WILL respect their relationship.

Besides Sally was around first, before Amy appeared. If she had been there in the first place, I wouldn't be typing this ed. Sonic needed a girlfriend, and couldn't wait for Amy to be dreamed up. Just like in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, even there he had a love, Breezie the robotic hedgehog. He needed one in the SatAM series too, right?

Besides, we didn't want to think our favorite blue blur didn't have luck with women...or is otherwise something else....

I realize seeing Sonic and Sally together is what I'm used to, and that's why I like it. But that's also true for the game fans, who are used to Sonic by himself, or with Amy. I prefer Sally, and you should be glad Amy is in the comic. I don't want her with Sonic, not because she's too young or some other cheap excuse. I'm not saying Amy couldn't be Sonic's girlfriend and/or take Sally's place (if Sally had died in Endgame as originally planned, realistically Sonic would have been crush, and Amy would be his new girlfriend more than likely), but I'm too attached to Sally.

Maybe if Sally was in a game, or given a special ability besides her brains and acrobats, you game guys would like her. Besides if you read the comic, you would like her (unless you already read the comic and still won't think otherwise, or don't like the latest writings). All it comes down to is that you want the comics to be more like the games, and of course you want Amy as Sonic's girlfriend then. Or you just don't want to change your mind on this. Other than a couple jerks who just like an argument, I can't think why you guys don't like Sally, and/or Sonic and Sally as a couple. I thought all these characters were owned by Sega, right? It all comes down to what introduced you to Sonic first; games, cartoons, or comics. Of course your favorite will be more than likely the first of those three you read, watched or played. Either that, or it's just what your taste is.

Sega can't please all Sonic fans and neither can the comic. They try, but they can't succeed. I'm just glad Sonic is still here running as he always has! I still say that Archie is trying to please all fans, not just SatAM fans. You got to remember only half of Sonic fans get the comic, so if they can reach the other half of the fans by trying to please everyone, they'll do it. But remember: "Everyone can't be happy with what they have.

It's impossible to please everyone!"

Holli the Genet



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