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Cream in the Comics

by BalanceAct

I am a big cream fan and I just stated getting into the comics, so I want to know, why hasn't Cream the Rabbit made an appearance in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series (Well, other than the Archie Sonic X comics), and if they're ever planing to include her at all?

Sega mandated awhile back that Cream can only appear in the Sonic X series. So until Sega changes its mind (assuming as of right now that it has not) she will only appear in their Sonic X series.

--True Red

Time/age/space deficiency?

by The Notorious AJM

OK, a while back, I read on your website that Amy's official age used to be eight, but after Sonic Adventure it was changed to twelve. How come she grew up, but none of the other characters in the Sonic world have aged a bit? I myself am emotionally hung up by this.

It's not Amy grew up, it's just that they changed her age. She's not the only character it has happened to within the games (or other Sonic universes, such as Archie's comic). The Chaotix when they were re-introduced in Sonic Heroes had their ages changed from their debut in Knuckles Chaotix as well. -True Red

F.F of the Galaxy names.

by not a member

Ive looked alot of places, but i cant find the names or clearer pics of the 'desendents' of the FF in issues 103-4.
Could you shed a little light on this, please?

Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy (formed by Hawkhawk)
Tails - Tailon
Sally - Saleta
Rotor - Captain Rotor-27
Antoine - Twan-Du
Bunnie - Bunni

Echidnas - Brass Knuckles (all robotic echidnas with "Guardian" rings, but no "knuckles")
Forty Fathom FFs - The Shark
Snively - Silver Snively
Robotnik - Robolactus

Pictures of most can be seen in the comic scans section for #103 and #104.

--True Red

I have 2 questons

by hi

1) In wikipedia it said that there is an episode 79 of sonic x is that true?

2) Is Rikki-Le related to Lara-Su?

No to both.

--True Red

sonics brother

by casey

hi i wanted to ask the creators of the sonic show creator

what if sonic had a brother but did;nt know about ituntil his brother crased on the planet he was oN?

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~ Dr FexusFan

Archie Sonic

by Blacken Redd

I was wondering if Archie Comics has a set number of how many more Sonic Hedgehog comics they plan on doing. Cause it makes more sense to stop after 200 (since 175 coming up is going to be a huge milestone), and then start in more on sonic X comic.

So do you have any info on that?

Both comics will continue as long as they are profitable--meaning enough people buy them. So, no, there's no set date to end any of them. --True Red

shadows TRUE past ^ ^

by cassie the hedgefox

ok here's my question according to sonic the hedgehog issue#171 he was
created by professor Gerald and black doom who wanted shadow for a weapon but professor Gerald turned him into a savior for planet mobius
but the game shadow the hedgehog he was born please tell me which one
is correct ^ ^ *_~

Despite the games and comics having their own continuities, you're mistaken in thinking the backstory is different. In both Shadow was genetically engineered by Professor Gerald Robotnik with assistance from Black Doom.

~Crazy C Lea


by super sarah

the babylon mark? where is it??

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~ Dr FexusFan

Tails HQ?

by Anon

You get the gist of the title, doncha.

Will there ever be a TAILS HQ site? Please? For us Tails fans who think Sonic's an airhead and everyone lies and tells 'Tails' about Tails and treat him like a baby? LET HIM MAKE A COMEBACK! That's my campaign. It seems to me that SEGA are trying to destroy him; smudge him out! Or it might be Sonic Team. Anyway, they've made a character whose supposedly smarter (but I scribbled it out in Wave's IQ description coz I don't approve.) and they're making everyone treat him like he's a newborn, even Ultimo seems to hold a grudge. NOTE TO HOAXERS: TAILS DOESN'T AND NEVER WILL HAVE A LOVE OR A GIRLFRIEND; HE'S SINGLE AND SMART AND HEALTHY (has a fanchar brother who gave him nightmares until he turned vegan) UNLIKE SONIC WHO IS FAT AND LAZY AND TAKES TAILS CREDIT ETC ETC ETC.................!!!!!!!!!!

moo hogindoz whee ~ Dr FexusFan


by Brother Blaze

Hi, can you help me? Can you please tell me how to contribute to the site (mainly in the GAMES section; I have info on TAILS SKYPATROL.).

You can monitor this topic for games. Anything else that takes contributions is already able to be read on the site itself. Tails' Skypatrol isn't near the top of the list though to be worked on, but state your case and maybe it'll move up. --True Red


by Sonic915

How many sales do you guys average through the store each day?

Considering we do not have affiliation links with most of the stores listed in the store, we have no way of truly knowing how much traffic we drive to the stores listed. We don't sell anything, just provide links to some places that do. There are usually more options than what is listed (especially for popular stuff such as the games), but until the site changes (which it is), it is not currently even feasible to keep track of most of the the online places to buy stuff. --True Red


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