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Sonic HQ from long ago
SHQ v2.0 Forever Ago

Here lie the retired aspects of Sonic HQ. You may recall of such sections like the Encyclopedia, Question and Answer and the old news feed. They live on in this corner of the site but as a shadow of their former self, with no more updates to them. The information contained may still be pertinent (save for the Q&A) so they are searchable through the search box to the left. The sections below are also reformed to fit the new layout of the site.

Previous Site Versions

Sonic HQ Classic (v1.0)

1998 - 1999

The original Sonic HQ as seen in 1998. It was before known as Zifei's Sonic Page.

Sonic HQ Classic (v2.0)

1999 - 2000

When SHQ started to grow beyond the confines of Geocities, we moved to on Jan 1, 1999. Unfortunately, we only have this screenshot of that layout.

Sonic HQ Classic (v3.0)

2000 - 2003

The Sonic HQ of yore. Introduced in 2000, it is likely what Sonic fans remember most in terms of SHQ's layout and design when SHQ was at its peak.

Sonic HQ Archive (v4.0)

2003 - 2011

This is the current SHQ Archive. The layout was introduced around 2003 and used til 2011. Its content there is static, never changing as we transition to SHQ's current form...

Sonic HQ (v5.x)

2011 - 2013

SHQ took this form when it relaunched in 2011.

Sonic HQ (v6.0)

2013 - 2014

In October 2013 the site was recoded with Codeigniter as a framework for the backend.

Sonic HQ (v7.x)

2014 - ???

We had a refresh to make the site a bit more responsive and update the look and feel.


The retired SHQ Games page lives on at the above URL.

Fan Art

The old but new fan art section.

News Archive

An archive of the news feed SHQ had 1999 - 2008.


All the interviews SHQ has had over the years.

Question and Answer

The Q&A page from 2002 - 2008. Also check out the special FexusFan Edition of the Q&A where Dr FexusFan tackles some special questions!


The encyclopedia contains 597 records of data that is highly unlikely to be updated. It was last updated in 2007.


The animation section.


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Sonic HQ is a fan run information, news, and reviews site specializing in Sonic Team games and related products and are not related to any of these companies.

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